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Cool, wet weather

Growers are keeping a close eye on the weather – and the clock – as the deadline for planting cotton looms.

The weather turned wet again Thursday and Friday morning, with as much as 1 Ω inches of rain falling in one town.

But growers and cotton ginners are hopeful that the weather will turn warm enough this weekend to allow planting to resume.

‘I’ve got a lot of seed still sitting in my barn,’ said Johnny Shepard, manager of Long S Gin.

A few growers planted cotton this week but most of them are waiting to see what happens with the weather this weekend.

ìIt depends on what Saturdayís likeî Shepard said.

‘Well see, we’ve still got time,î he said. ìI havenít heard about any major switch to milo. Nobodyís said that yet.’

Shepard said roughly seven inches of rain have fallen at his gin so far this month. And despite the heavy rains, there is not a lot of standing water in playa lakes.

‘That’s how thirsty this land was,’ he said. ‘They (growers) realize this is what we need this ground back in shape after four years of drought.’

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