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Wallace Theatre project detailed at Rotary lunch

Once frequented by expectant kids and adults alike, the Wallace Theater has the potential to become a focal point for the community again.

The Wallace was one of five theaters and drive-ins that were in operation here decades ago, said Alycyn Keeling, project manager for the theater.

ìItís amazing that Levelland once supported five theaters,î Keeling told members of the Noon Rotary Club this week.

The theater opened in 1928 and went through its first major renovation in 1948. That renovation left the building with its current artwork on the walls.

In 1952, on its 34th anniversary, the theaterís owner received letters of congratulations from Walt Disney and Bob Hope.

ìThey knew about the Wallace Theater that Mr. Blankenship  ran,î she said.

In the 1970s, when multiplex theaters started to become popular, a ìdrop down ceilingî was installed, along with a second screen.

The Wallace operated until closing in 1982. The last movie shown there was ‘E.T.’

Keeling said plans for the Wallace include restoring the original ceiling and opening the building for movies, concerts, plays, guest speakers and other events.

The restored theater will have about 300 seats and another 150 in the balcony.

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