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Commissioners accept bid for hauling caliche

County commissioners Monday agreed to extend a depository contract with AimBank for two years.

County Treasurer Denise Bohannon said the bank will be paying an average of one half a percent on deposits.

‘I’m good with it,’ Bohannon replied when asked if the agreement was satisfactory.

The officials accepted a bid from Tony’s Oilfield Services Inc. to haul caliche to Lawrence Road.

The company, which was the only one to enter a bid, will be paid $19,305 for hauling 2,000 cubic yards of caliche to Lawrence Road.

Commissioner Tommy Clevenger made the motion to accept the bid. He noted that it could be a while before 2,000 cubic yards of caliche can be hauled to the site because of wet conditions.

The officials accepted a $500 bid from Domingo and Almeta Sias for a property at 409 W. Eighth St. in Anton.

The property has been off the tax rolls for years.

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