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City residents evacuated when oil line leaks

Several homes were evacuated Wednesday morning after a flow line broke in the 1700 block of Austin Street. A Key Energy tanker truck arrived and vacuumed up the crude oil. Less than a barrel of the oil got on the street and sand was used to keep it from spreading and to soak up any excess. The line is owned by Occidental Permian. City employees blocked off approaches to the site.

Residents in several Austin Street  homes were evacuated Wednesday morning after a broken flow line leaked crude oil onto the street.

The break was reported before 9 a.m. in the 1700 block of Austin.

Police Chief Toney Cowan said residents in five homes agreed to temporarily leave while workers repaired the leak and disposed of the oil.

Barricades were placed at street intersections leading to the area.

Occidental Petroleum employees arrived at the scene to help remove the oil. Sand was also placed on the street to keep the oil contained.

A Key Energy Services tanker truck arrived and oil was vacuumed up from the street. 

The oil traveled east down the north side of the street by the curb. It appeared that less than a barrel of crude leaked onto the street.

Cowan said residents were asked to voluntarily leave their homes until the situation was resolved.

They later returned without incident. There were no injuries

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