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Ropesville council tables action on interim chief

Ropesville may not be hiring a new police chief any time soon.

Mayor Kenny Greenlee advised the city council Tuesday that the state does not require the city to have an interim police chief.

‘We don’t have to appoint a chief at this time,’ Greenlee said.

The town has been without one  since Ashley Ramirez resigned and was then arrested May 29 by investigators with the District Attorneyís Office.

June 29 is the last day for Officer Ron Rincones to work for the city.

Rincones has been working part time for the city and working the rest of the time for Ropes ISD.

Greenlee said the school district wants to start its own police department. It is also interested in buying a pickup truck, a taser, a handgun, a body camera and a portable radio from the city.

Alderman Brannon Greenlee said he supported selling those items but not the pickup.

The mayor agreed.

‘The pickup would be more beneficial for the city,’ he said.

He said Ropesville is ‘already stuck with a bunch of firearms.’

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