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Beer and wine now available in city

A long wait ended Monday morning when three stores began selling beer and wine in Levelland.

Jim Mara, store director of United Supermarket, said the first shipment of beer and wine arrived  after 10 a.m.

Mara said he had been notified by phone that the Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission had issued a letter granting United the right to sell beer and wine here.

Late last week, Mara said he had been informed that the sale of those alcoholic beverages in Levelland was imminent.

As many as 80 United employees here had completed the required 2 1/2-hour training before they could begin selling such beverages in the city.

ìAnybody who works a cash register,î he said.

The supermarket had recently revamped one aisle of the store to accommodate beer and wine. Coolers were installed on the entire length  of one side of the aisle.

Mara said other modifications were made in the store so that the new products could be sold.

Allsupís convenience store on South College Avenue also began selling beer and wine Monday, as did Scooters on FM 300.

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