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Residents reflect on Independence Day

To some people the Fourth of July means independence from Great Britain; to others itís a time to get together with family and to some itís just another day.

Tara Rogers said, ‘It’s my birthday. Iím super sad though because everybody leaves for my birthday.’

She added that to her the Fourth ‘also means independence.’

Rogers plans to head to the lake and barbecue with family to celebrate the holiday.

Dalton Gray, a senior at Anton High School said, ‘To me the Fourth of July means freedom from Great Britain. It is also the day we adopted the Declaration of Independence. Itís also a day of celebrating our freedom and independence  with our family.’

He added, ‘My plans for the Fourth of July are to invite family over and have a big cookout and then, when the night falls, light up the night sky like itís still day light outside with fireworks.’

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