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Residents, city cope with sewage issues

Levelland employees worked all night Tuesday to remove sewage water that flooded an area around 11th and 12th streets when it came up through a manhole.

Workers used extra pumps and a water line to remove the water, said City Manager Rick Osburn.

‘It went viral Tuesday,’ he said. ‘We’ve known about it for a while.’

Heavy rains that hit the city Monday and Tuesday apparently went into the sewage system, causing it to overload and spill sewage water into the street.

Workers used vacuum trucks to remove the water and then take their loads to the wastewater treatment plant for disposal.

They also used chlorine to treat the affected area, Osburn said.

The problem appeared to have ended Thursday, although city employees are keeping an eye on the situation.

John Timmons, who lives at 1112 Ave. N, said it was the fourth time this year that sewage water has overflowed into the streets.

‘You can still smell it. To me, this is still sewage (water) in both bar ditches,’ Timmons said.

Thousands of gallons of the water  washed from side to side on Avenue N, he said.

City employees dumped sand at the intersection of 12th Street and Avenue N to contain the water.

Timmons said the water ran into alleys behind people’s homes.

He said there have been deeper deluges of sewage water in the area in the past during times of heavy flooding.

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