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Ropesville to spend funds to meet state requirements

The Ropesville City Council voted Tuesday to spend $3,150 for rocks that will help the city meet state requirements for operating its wastewater treatment facility.

Mayor Kenny Greenlee told the council that a Brownfield company can deliver 20-22 cubic yards of limestone rock for $750 a truckload, plus a fuel charge.

The rocks can be put on the ground around two wastewater ponds. That will reduce soil erosion, which is an area the city has been cited for by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

Greenlee said putting the rocks down and taking photographs for the state agency would be a ìgood faithî action on the part of the city.

It would also help Ropesville avoid a sizable fine by the state agency, he added.

Alderman Johnny Sanchez made the motion to buy four loads of the rocks and it passed.
Part-time city employee 

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