Council declares emergency on sewage issue

The city council declared an emergency Monday regarding recent sewer overflows in a westside neighborhood.

City Manger Rick Osburn said the problem had created a ‘threat to public health and safety.’

The overflow in the area of a 13th Street playa lake occurred twice this month when heavy rains swamped the city.

Osburn said the problem is linked to a lift station and a manhole where sewage water overflowed.

‘Any number of things can be causing infiltration,’ he said.

The emergency measure will allow the city to move more quickly in fixing the problem, and it can go outside normal bidding procedures.

He said the city has already spent $12-15,000 on the problem, not including overtime for employees. In one case, city employees worked more than 24 hours straight.

Councilman Manuel Mendez Jr. asked if engineers have been looking at the problem.

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