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Former city resident releases first book

A health issue got Walt Bridges started on his first book.

Bridges suffered a major heart attack in 2007 and had to be rushed  from Breckenridge to Abilene.

‘I had 100 percent blockage and had to have a stent put in,î he said.  ‘The doctor said I was very lucky.’

He added, ‘That’s where the inspiration for this book came from –  my health and that heart attack.’

The doctor told the Breckenridge man that he had to get out and walk and exercise.

‘I got laid off from my customer service rep. job in 2009,’ he said. ‘I lived out by the woods so I went for a walk. I walked and prayed and thought on what I was going to do now and that’s when I heard God say, ‘I want you to write a book.”

His  book, ‘Step into the Light,’ is a non-fiction Christian that was recently released.
He traveled a long road before writing it.

Bridges lived in Levelland from 1960-1999 and graduated from high school here in 1976.

He followed his parents to Breckenridge and never left.

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