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Worley Welding team delivers work for South Plains College

CUTTING EDGE DESIGN – This steel version of the seal of South Plains College was recently designed with an Auto Computer Assisted Design system that Worley Welding Works employees used. Its lettering and elements were cut with a plasma cutter. The employees who cut the design and then welded the parts together received their training at the college. Worley donated the metal work to the college. From the left are the Worley employees involved in the project: Michael Lopez, Mike Worley, Teddy Varg

Team Worley did it again.

A plea from South Plains College for a work of art was recently answered by Worley Welding.

The Office of Development and Alumni Relations on the Levelland campus needed something.

Julie Gerstenberger, director of the office, suggested that Worley might make a piece of metal that displayed the collegeís official seal.

Employees with Worley Welding  began working on the project six weeks ago.

Technology made it a lot easier to design the seal.

Mechanical engineer Matthew Ireton replicated the seal by copying  its image into an auto computer assisted design machine and designed the size of letters and other elements.

An employee then used one of the company’s two plasma cutters to punch out the lettering and designs features of the college’s logo.

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