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Washington earns prison term after entering plea.

Mackie Lee Washington Sr. was sentenced to seven years in prison Tuesday after he pleaded guilty to  possession of a controlled substance.

Washington pleaded not guilty to possession of a controlled substance, four grams or more of cocaine, at the  start of the trial on Monday. 

But he changed his plea to guilty Tuesday morning when he agreed to the terms of a plea agreement.

Washington, who was also fined $750, could have been sentenced to 2-20 years in prison.

The trial took a different turn Tuesday morning after the defense learned that the state would put Janell Charlean Singlteon on the stand.

Singleton was a passenger in Washingtonís truck when he was stopped by a state trooper last August.

The witness was prepared to testify that she was in possession of crack cocaine and that the defendant knew it. Singleton was also ready to state that she and Washington had purchased the crack cocaine together, said District Attorney Christopher Dennis.

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