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Ropesville area residents worry over roads, weeds

Howard Timmons is tired of county maintainer operators pushing dirt up on the fence of his Ropesville area farm.

Timmons said he was forced to use a tractor to remove the unwanted dirt from under his fence.

Timmons said the maintainers have also pushed weeds onto his property, making the problem worse.

‘I’ve been trying to control the weeds,’ he said. ‘Now itís in the field.’

Maintainer operators have also bladed dirt roads and left them with angles of 20-30 degrees, according to Timmons.

Precinct 1 County Commissioner Curtis Thrash would like to do more to improve some of the 200-plus miles of county roads that he and his crews are responsible for.

Limited funds and a huge outbreak of weeds this year have made it difficult to get to all of the roads needing work.

‘We’ve been busy blading roads and cleaning weeds,’ Thrash said. ‘We’ve had some roads we graded up this winter, and theyíve been washed away.’

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