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Rains late for crops, but still welcome

The off-and-on rains this past week are a little late for most crops but producers still welcome the moisture.

ìIt canít hurt,î said Johnny Shepard, manager of Citizens-Shallowater Co-op Gin.

How much it benefits growers depends on the condition of their cotton, corn and milo crops this week.

The rain probably wonít make any difference for most of the cotton and milo, Shepard said.

‘It depends on when they turned off their pivots,’ Shepard said.

Rainfall at his gin totaled .70 of an inch for the week.

The intermittent showers dropped a half inch of moisture at Arnett this week.

‘While the rain was welcome, most growers are holding off  a bit longer before defoliating,’ said employee Lucretia Gresham.

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