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Siblings enjoy sharing God’s word through ballet

SHARING THE GOSPEL – Paul Sharpe and his sister, Karin, left, began taking ballet lessons more than three years ago. They are part of the Lubbock dance troupe called Christ in the Arts. Both of them have danced in productions that use dance, music and images to portray the Bible and its messages from God to the world. Paul would like to dance professionally. (Staff Photo)

Paul Sharpe and his sister Karin are showing Godís love – one dance step at a time.

The two siblings became interested in ballet more than three years ago when friends invited him to attend a ballet production in Lubbock.

He was hooked.

Today the Levelland teenager travels to Lubbock several times a week for classes in the Christ In The Arts school of dance.

There he takes ballet lessons and learns choreography with members of the Hinds family. Karin also trains there, usually once a week.

Sharpe says ballet fulfills in him in several ways.

‘It was an athletic way to express myself. It’s a great worship technique,’ he said. ‘It’s the environment. It’s very welcoming, very friendly.’

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