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Local grand jury indicts 55 people

A local grand jury handed down indictments against 55 people on Tuesday.

Most of them were for drug possession or trafficking.

Daniel Zapata, 49, of Levelland was indicted for possession of a controlled substance (PCS).

Police responded to a call early the morning of July 25 about someone trying to enter the back gate of a 12th Street home.

Officers saw several suspects walking and stopped to speak with them. 

Zapata was arrested after officers learned there were two warrants out for him. They found a small quantity of methamphetamine on him, a report said.

Fermin Rodriguez, 48, of Levelland was indicted for aggravated assault.

He allegedly assaulted a woman the night of Feb. 14 at an Oak Street home by pushing her. She landed on her arm and it broke.

Trusstin H. Perry, 34, was indicted for PCS. 

A state trooper stopped Perry the night of Feb. 4 for making a wide turn. The officer detected the odor of marijuana coming from Perryís vehicle.

A glass pipe and 1.91 grams of meth were found on the Levelland man, according to records.

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