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David Phillips Sr. wins Week No. 6 contest

The tie-breaker again determined first and second places in the weekly football contest.

David L. Phillips, Sr. won first place and $25with a 17-3 guess and a 78 point tie-breaker. The tie-breaker, the combined scores of the Texas Tech vs. Baylor game,  was 98. 

Laura Rocha claimed second place with a 17-3 score and a 70 point tie-breaker. She earned $15 for her effort.

Third place and $10 went to Bill Wood, who had a 16-4 score and a tie-breaker guess of 100. 

Also having 16-4 scores and their tie-breakers were JoAnn Knighten, 94; Jerry Boggs, 93 and Richard Tillmon, 79.

Contestants with 15-5 scores included Darren Lawless, Rex Black, David Joos, Krista Adams, James Knighten, Michael Lopez, Tom Wilson, Cecil Luna III, Margaret Gleason, Eliseo Rocha, Jr., Sergio Cardiel and Betty Hodges.

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