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Rep. Ken King discusses issues during stop in city

West Texans need to be vigilant and stand up for what they believe is right if they are to preserve their way of life, a state lawmaker said Tuesday.

State Rep. Ken King, who represents District 88, made those remarks while meeting with local educators and community leaders in Levelland.

ìSmall schools matter, we all matter,î he said. ìEducation is whatís going to save rural Texas. If we donít educate properly, theyíre going to go to Lubbock or Dallas.î

Rural communities must also encourage students to stay in the region and start businesses and raise their families here, King added.

The fight to keep adequate funding for rural school districts is one that never ends, said the former school board president.

King said that one of his jobs as a lawmaker is to ensure that such districts receive the funds needed for the job.

‘I’m giving you the tools,’ he said. ‘We really want to keep east of I-35 away from here,’ he said. ‘Most of Texas forgets we’re up here.’

He said public education in Texas got the largest share of funding in the  legislative session earlier this year.

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