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David Hatter big winner in this week’s contest

The tie-breaker again determined the winners in this weekís football contest.

First place and $25 goes to David Hatter, who had a 16-4 score and a tie-breaker guess of 58. The tie-breaker, the combined scores of the Levelland vs. Seminole football game, was 62 as the Lobos shut-out their opponent.

Second place and $15 goes to Steve Davis of Lubbock, whose tie-breaker was 75.

Third place and $10 goes to Jim Gruhlkey whose score was 15-5 and whose tie-breaker was 62.

Honorable mention but no money goes to Kylie Boggs whose score was also 15-5 but whose tie-breaker was 48 and to Melanie Gruhlkey, whose score was also 15-5 and whose tie-breaker was 46. 

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