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Growers tie for first place on new cotton

FIRST BALES – Three local growers tied for first place in harvesting the first round of cotton in Hockley County on Oct. 7. Their modules were ginned at United Cotton Growers. Pictured from the left are: Monty Rodgers, Candido Garcia, Monty Rodgers Jr., gin manager Paul Wilson, production manager Taylor Young, Derik Pearson and Heath Gresham. The cotton was ginned Monday at United Cotton Growers. (Staff Photo)

Three men tied for bragging rights this fall – so to speak.

Each man had the distinction of harvesting the first batch of cotton in Hockley County last week, on Oct. 7.

Whitharral grower Monty Rodgers Jr. stripped 70 of 90 acres of dryland cotton southwest of Whitharral before the humidity got too high.

‘We were frustrated. We couldn’t get all of it,’ he said.

Rodgers planted the cotton on May 28 using All-Tex Epic seed.

He said he applied plenty of fertilizer to get the crop up, which  relied on deep moisture to get through the summer.

‘It’s been interesting; itís been nerve wracking,î Rodgers said. ìItís been a lot of hard work.’

Derik Pearson, who harvested dryland cotton off FM 2646, planted Delta Pine 1219 on May 26.

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