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Derek Hodges of Morton wins weekly ball contest

Five contestants had 18-2 scores this week in the football contest with the tie-breaker again determining who finished in the money.

Derek Hodges of Morton won first place and $25 with a 47 tie-breaker guess, right on the nose for the combined scores of the Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants game.

Jerry D. Gleason won second place and $15 with his 18-2 entry and 48 tie-breaker guess.

Norma Lucio of Whiteface won third and $10 with an 18-2 score and a 45 point tie-breaker.

John Hodges also had an 18-2 score with a 44 point tie-breaker and Steve Davis finished with an 18-2 and a 34 point tie-breaker.

Ten contestants had 17-3 scores including Brandi McCasland, Joli Dockery, Tony Hopp, Frank Castillo, Sylvia Joos, David Joos, Nancy Comer, Gerald D. Davis, Sergio Cardiel, and Michael Rodriquez. 

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