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Robert Dalton making bid for constable’s seat

Robert Dalton, a longtime resident of Sundown  has announced that he will be a candidate for the office of Constable for Precinct 2.

He will run on the Republican ticket.

He is seeking the office ‘to protect and serve.’

‘I have invested over 40 years serving our citizens and it has been an honor. I was asked months ago by individuals that I respect to fill this position. I have the training and experience to serve our citizens well. It was an easy decision.’

Dalton is Chief of Police for the Sundown ISD Police Department.

He says there is not a conflict of interest in him holding both positions since most of the work for a constable occurs after hours and on weekends.

‘The vast majority of the work for a constable is to serve papers. If elected, I will focus on this precinct and assisting this Justice of the Peace,’ he says, adding, ‘It’s all about time management.’

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