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Body cameras giving officers more safety

Sheriff’s deputies and county jailers now have another tool – body cameras.

The Hockley County Sheriffís Office recently received 17 body-worn COBAN Technologies ‘Echo’ cameras.

The digital cameras, which weigh a little over four ounces and are about the size of an iPod, can run for eight and a half hours before their batteries have to be recharged.

They can benefit officers in several ways, said Capt. Nolan Seaton.

‘It’s beneficial to us, the officers, because itís another eye that can scrutinize,’ Seaton said. ‘It sees everything that you see and itís impartial to what it sees.’

The Sheriffís Office debated whether to buy the cameras only for deputies, or whether they should also be issued to jailers. A decision was made to buy them for both groups of uniformed officers.

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