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Jerry Boggs earns top spot in weekly contest

Jerry Boggs won this weekís football contest outright with the only 18-2 entry.

The longtime contestant won $25 with his entry.

Ten contestants had 17-3 entries so the tie-breaker, the combined scores of the Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma State game, which was 123 point, determined second and third places.

Steve Mosley of Whiteface won second place and $15 with a 96 tie-breaker and Richard Tillmon won third place and $10 with a 95 tie-breaker.

Also going 17-3 and their tie-breakers were: Andersen Gruhlkey, 92; Eliseo Rocha, Jr., 89; Margaret Gleason, 86; Sylvia Joos, 84; Laura Rocha, 83; Diana Overtson, 75; David Joos, 72 and Frank Castillo, 70.

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