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Commissioners eye issue of properties

County commissioners faced a conundrum Monday.

They agreed that County Judge Larry Sprowls should check with city and school officials before taking action on a property bid.

The $400 bid from a man is for a lot on Adams Street. It is next to two lots that a woman bought.

However, there is an old house on part of the woman’s property and partly on the lot the man wants to buy.

The owner of the two lots asked for a permit at Levelland City Hall to demolish but was told she couldnít, said County Clerk Irene Gumula.

Both parties plan on putting in mobile homes on their properties but canít at this time, said County Judge Larry Sprowls.

The prospective buyer of the one lot has also indicated that he would tear down the old home.

Commissioner J.L. ìWhiteyî Barnett wondered if the county might rent a roll-off and pay for the construction debris to be hauled off for disposal.

Commissioner Larry Carter said the cost of renting a roll-could be double the  $200 price that Barnett suggested.

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