Residents share blessing at Thanksgiving

Jerry Robertson, owner of Robertson Heating and Air, says that he is thankful for everything.  

‘I am thankful for God, family friends and country,î he continues. ìI am thankful for everything, especially the freedom we enjoy. I hope we can keep it.’

He and his wife are going to host Thanksgiving dinner for their four kids and spouse and eight to 10 grandchildren. ‘I have a barn out back that we’ve fixed up for get-togethers. We can get everybody out there and everybody can be together,’ he explains, adding that the barn includes a kitchen.

Hannah Weaver with Capital Farm Credit, says, ‘I am most thankful for God, my family and friends, and good health. I thank all those who are serving our country and have served in the past.’

Like many, she will be spending Thanksgiving with family. 

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