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Man held on $600K bond released, returns next day

A man who was in jail on bonds totaling $600,000 was released Sunday because of a medical condition, but he turned himself in Monday.

Robert Young Lee was released on a medical emergency bond, said Sheriff R.C. Cheek.
Lee was bleeding from sores on his face at the time.

‘We cleaned him up,’ said Jail Administrator Cliff Robinson. ‘We let him out on an order.’

Lee was released from jail but he was not transported to the hospital here by county employees.

Lee was arrested and booked into the county jail on Oct. 12. At that time he was arraigned for sexual assault and bond was set at $100,000. He was also arraigned for continuous sexual abuse of a child, with bond at $500,000.

Cheek said neither he nor jail employees have the authority to release  inmates.

‘We got authority from above,’ he said.

Justice of the Peace Linda Cannon was contacted by jail personnel and advised of the situation involving Lee.

Cannon said she recommended that they release him.

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