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New company nears end of season on strong note

Peanuts grown here and in other South Plains counties have become a value-added product for the region.

Some of those peanuts are available at local stores.

Valencia peanuts that are grown in the area are being transported from Levelland to Portales, N.M., where they are roasted, salted and packaged for sale.

The Portales Select Peanut Co., a division of the Severn Peanut Co., is buying the nuts under the umbrella of Hampton Farms.

Hampton Farms is the leader roaster of in-shell peanuts in the United States,  said Doug Isaacks, Levelland buying point  manager.

Portales Select Peanut succeeds the Clint Williams Peanut Co., which went bankrupt along with its parent company in November 2014.

The Severn Peanut Co. in North Carolina bought the Clint Williams plant off FM 3261 last December.

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