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More candidates file in Cochran County

Contested elections in Cochran County have become even more contested.

What had previously been an uncontested election changed when a second candidate filed for the office of county constable.

Ben Bristow first filed for the position and he has drawn an opponent: Esteban (Steven) Franco Vejar.

The incumbent, Butch Roberts, declined to seek re-election.

Seven Republican candidates are running for the Precinct 1 county commissionerís post.

They are incumbent Donnie Simpson, Cody Dewbre, Gerald Ramsey, Javier ‘Harvey’ Velasquez, Kevin Mark Silhan, Richard ìRickî Levitt and Timothy Roberts.

Five people but not the incumbent are seeking the Precinct 3 county commissionerís job.

They are Albert Salas, Chris Campbell, Dennis Lemons, Eric Silhan and Ray O’Brien.

Commissioner Stacy Dunn decided not to run again.

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