City county digging out from storm

Levelland and the county continued to grapple with the impact of a winter storm that paralyzed the region this past week.

Winter Storm Goliath, which dumped 12-15 inches of snow in Levelland, prompted County Judge Larry Sprowls to declare a state of disaster for the county.

Levelland Police Chief Toney Cowan said the city has made headway in getting more streets open, but officers were doing more than freeing stuck motorists.

‘We’ve had some calls from people on medical emergencies,’ Cowan said. ‘We’ve concentrated on those.’

On Tuesday, officers helped remove snow and ice so that a woman could get out of a house and get to the hospital to have her baby.  ‘It was a team effort,’ he said.

City Manager Rick Osburn said city employees were responding to various  emergencies, including water leaks.

‘Another thing we’ve had to deal with is taking care of emergencies – to pull ambulances through the snow to get to the hospital,’ Osburn said. ‘We’ve had to clean out streets so that they (people) can get out to go to dialysis. We’ve had some emergencies that we’ve helped out on, but it has taken us away from helping everybody.’

The Texas Department of Transportation is responsible for maintaining the state and U.S. highways that go through the city, but it is not responsible for snow removal. 

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