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Towns continue coping with snow & ice issues

City employees have used a maintainer and a backhoe to remove snow and ice from the townís streets, and they got a lot of help from private citizens, said City Manager Mike Sea.
‘A lot of people have been helping, farmers especially,’ Sea said.  ‘We’ve had a lot of people help each other. A couple of our councilmen pulled people out.’

While the town’s streets are being cleared, it faces another challenge ñ garbage service.
‘It’s going to be a while,’ he said. ‘We’ve got drifts down the alleys 8 feet tall.’

Sea said the city will  probably put Dumpsters on paved places where residents can dump their trash for the time being.


Ropesville Mayor Kenny Greenlee said lots of people have volunteered their time and efforts to remove snow from city streets and driveways.

Greenlee said people with backhoes, including farmers, have worked on the problem.
Garbage service will be a issue for the time being, he said.

Garbage trucks will probably be unable to pick up most Dumpsters this week, so residents will have to be patient a while longer.


Many streets in Sundown still had one lane of traffic open in the snow, said City Administrator Curtis Schrader, but TxDOT and the county sent equipment and employees to remove snow from the major roadways.

‘I don’t think anybody in this area is equipped to deal with 12 to 15 inches of snow. We donít have any snow removal equipment. We’ve had great help from TxDOT crews in keeping FM 301 and 303 cleared and open,’ Schrader said. ‘The county had some equipment over here to help out. Several private contractors that have blades and buckets moved some of the snow.’
Sundown has a backhoe but no motor graders.

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