New Year’s baby makes debut first day of 2016

Fidel Gonzalez III was born  a  dayearly for one grandparent, but he was right on time for his parents.

The son of Fidel and Victoria  Gonzalez Jr. of Levelland was the first baby to be born this year in Hockley County.

Weighing 7 pounds and 11 ounces, the 20 3/4-inch long baby was delivered at 10:51 p.m. Jan. 1 in Covenant Hospital Levelland by Dr. Richikesh Kulkarni.

The newborn baby went home Sunday.

‘It was a big experience for us being the first baby in our family, and then a New Year’s baby,’ said his father.

The new dad said his own father, Fidel Gonzalez of Levelland, was hoping that his grandson would share the same birthday as himself: Jan. 2.

‘Some of our family were fighting for the birthday,’ said the infant’s father.

His birth was much easier for his mother than the early part of her pregnancy.

Victoria Gonzalez spent nearly two months in bed at the start of her pregnancy.

‘At the beginning, it was a high-risk pregnancy,’ she said. ‘It was hard at the beginning.’

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