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Producers get overviews at ag conference

Weeds will continue to be a problem this year for area growers, but they can be controlled through the use of old and new technologies.

Producers heard that and other pieces of useful information Friday during the West Plains Ag Conference in Levelland.

Weed resistance to herbicides is a global and not just a local problem, said Peter Dotray, a professor and Extension Service weed specialist.

‘Resistance is here,’ Dotray said. ‘You’re seeing weed resistance to herbicides the way we haven’t before.’

Growers can effectively fight weeds by using some herbicides with methods that include the use of cover crops, tillage and planting with clean fields.

He said some of the new herbicides being touted may not be available by planting time this spring. He added that there are ‘no silver bullets.’

The solution to weeds varies from ‘farm to farm’ and across turn rows.

Growers need to consider different factors when coming up with a system for fighting weeds, Dotray added.

He noted that there are 32 species of weeds that are considered resistant to herbicides.
‘We have good tools today,’ said the speaker. ‘We didnít lose them all.’

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