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County gets good marks on audit

With the exception of one minor finding, Hockley County got a clean audit for 2014, county commissioners learned Monday.

The audit performed by Myatt, Blume and Osburn Ltd. showed that the county had total assets of $55,853,356 as of Dec. 31, 2014.

That amount included $14,755,635 in cash and cash equivalents, and buildings and machinery with a net value of about $24.4 million.

Certified public accountant Sham Myatt noted that the county had total revenues of $19,162,558 for the year, including $15,886,144 in property taxes.

ìThe county financially had a very good year,î Myatt remarked.

The audit found that Hockley County had $25,738,994 in funds on deposit Dec. 31, 2014, while FDIC insurance and collateralization  were $21,108,869.

Five days later, the county obtained additional pledged securities that covered the shortfall, Myatt said.

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