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Robertson makes case for less government

The federal government needs to return more power to local levels if this country is to survive, says Lubbock Mayor Glen Robertson.

The conservative Republican, who is running for the 19th Congressional District, made the case for smaller federal government during a campaign stop here Monday.

He also warned of a coming ìstormî for West Texas.

‘I’m fed up with government interfering in my business, in my church and in my grandchildren’s education,’ Robertson said. ‘They’re taking every ounce of local control away. We see how bad the federal government over reaches.’

The government, including such agencies as the IRS and EPA, want to ‘define it, tax it, regulate it,’ he said.

Through government oversight and regulations, private industry has left this country and moved elsewhere.

‘We’ve incentivized companies to move. Our (auto) manufacturers are assemblers,î he said, adding that people now have incentives to stop working.

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