Levelland police now carrying Tasers

Levelland police officers are now carrying Tasers during their duty shifts.

Although they are expensive, police believe they will be well worth the money in terms of avoiding injuries to officers and members of the public.

Police Chief Toney Cowan said the devices will improve safety.

‘Our thoughts on this, when we decided to go to Tasers, we felt like it gave our officers the best form of non-lethal force they could use out there,’ Cowan said.

He said the use of Tasers by law enforcement officers has shown that they are effective in deterring people from committing violence.

‘It increases our odds of not having to use deadly force,’ Cowan said.

He said the presence of the Tasers has already had a sobering impact on people.

‘From what my street guys tell me, theyíve come across two or three incidents, and the mere presence – or announcement – has defused the situations already,’ Cowan said.

Detective Margo Ramirez, who was one of the trainers for Tasers, said officers received two full days of training on their use.

‘It included what it does, how it works, legal usage and use of force,’ Ramirez said.

Officers were also exposed to a jolt from the device as part of their training.

Tasers can be used as close as an inch or up to 25 feet from a person.

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