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Retired teacher, now 94, still substitute teaching

Olive Deavours has always had a passion for teaching.

Her devotion to the profession and children spanned decades and, although she retired in 1994, she continues to work as a substitute teacher for the Whiteface school district.

Mrs. Deavours, who subbed one day last week and three days the week before, will mark her 95th birthday Thursday.

Her parents and an aunt  emphasized a good education when she was growing up.

Olive Huff was four years old when her parents moved the family from Moulton to Lubbock.

Her father’s sister, Margaret Huff,  told him that their kids could get a good education in Lubbock.

The family lived on Avenue T and her father, Marcus Huff, farmed and operated a small dairy.

Olive Huff attended Dupre Elementary, Carroll Thompson Junior High and Levelland High School.

She recalled her embarrassment when her father picked her up after school one day with a load of feed on his horse-drawn wagon.

‘Daddy would pick up feed and be in a wagon with a team, and I’d be embarrassed,’ she said.

‘All the kids wanted to go ride.’

Her Aunt Margaret, who had a music studio in Lubbock, insisted that Olive and her siblings learn to sing and play an instrument, preferably the piano.

Olive did just that.

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