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Indictments returned; most remain sealed

A grand jury handed down 72 indictments Thursday for such offenses as drug possession, drunk driving and  aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

However, 47 of those indictments remained sealed Friday until the defendants have been arrested.

District Attorney Christopher Dennis said the large number of indictments was due to aggressive actions by law enforcement officers.

‘There’s lots of work being done by them,’ Dennis said. ‘A lot of cases are being moved.’

He said it will take an unknown amount of time to move the defendants through the legal process.

‘Some of them will be done in 30 days,’ Dennis said. ‘Some will abscond.’

Many of the defendants are repeat offenders, he said.

Patrick Albert Estrada, 29, was indicted for possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver.

Estrada was arrested Nov. 4, 2015 after police executed an arrest warrant at his Avenue L home.

They seized drug paraphernalia and a small amount of marijuana during a search. Officers also found a container with a pink liquid inside of it. The substance was found to be methamphetamine.

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