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Election Results

  Mike Box, incumbent, defeated challenger Richard Ellis 397 to 213 to retain his position on the South Plains College Board of Regents.
    Box carried the early voting 193 to Ellis’ 134 and then defeated Ellis 204-79 in Saturday’s balloting. A total of 617 ballots were cast in the election.
    Ronny Alexander was unopposed for Position 4 and received 541 total votes, 292 of which were cast in early voting.
    There were no Levelland School Board or City Council elections because candidates were unopposed.
    In the Ropesville School District election, incumbents Mike Metzig and Monica Escandon were re-elected. Metzig received a cumulative total of 136 votes while Escandon received 70 votes. Keith Erickson received a cumulative total of 22 votes.
    At Sundown, 65 votes were cast in the special election to extend the special sales tax for city street maintenance. Sixty-one votes were cast for the sales tax and four were cast against the sales tax. Sundown City Council and School Board elections were cancelled because candidates were unopposed.
    In the City of Whiteface General Electoin, Jack Seay was re-elected as Mayor with 40 votes.  Residents elected two aldermen, too.  Joe Ketcherside received 23 votes, Durward Stockman received 25 votes, Tasha Castenda received 15 votes and Stacy Kirkendall received 14 votes. Ketcherside and Stockman were elected.

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