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West Nile virus confirmed in Hockley County

The first human case of West Nile virus in Hockley County has been confirmed according to the Department of Health and Human Services.

The Levelland woman who was infected said she visited two different area doctors before a blood test determined she had the virus.

The woman said she experienced a bad headache and  a fever over 104 degrees.

Anna Kauffman, registered nurse at Covenant Hospital Levelland, said anyone who suspects or is concerned they may have West Nile virus should make an appointment with their health care professional.

‘If you are having flu like symptoms and a flu test comes back negative, that’s when a health care professional should look at other things,” Kauffman said, Thursday. “Certainly if someone is concerned they may have West Nile, they should simply ask their doctor, ‘do I have West Nile?’”
The CDC website, in regards to West Nile virus, primarily focuses on prevention and precautionary care.
This includes combating mosquitoes by wearing insect repellant and making sure to empty any standing water.

Also, keeping lawns mowed and weeds down helps to prevent mosquitoes from breeding in those areas.

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