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Rep. Arrington hosts meet& greet at SPC

Newly elected Representative Jodey Arrington for the U.S. District 19 expressed his gratitude to the people of Hockley County Wednesday at a meet and greet at South Plains College.

“Grateful, humbled and honored are the best three words that come to mind,” Arrington said. “There are no words to adequately communicate how I and my family feel to be given the privilege to serve you.”

He also spoke of the timing of his election to the House of Representatives.

“The timing of me entering office on the behalf of rural America couldn’t be better,” Arrington said. “We need to fight for the future of our country.”

Arrington is looking forward to working with a Republican legislature and newly elected president, Donald Trump.

“There was so much riding on these elections,” Arrington said. “I believe I’m absolutely ready for this opportunity to make you proud.”

In his first term, Arrington pledged to work on the farm bill and to make sure cotton is placed back on the bill.

He is looking forward to working with the chairman of the agriculture committee who happens to be Michael Conaway of District 11.

“I have the luxury of working with the chairman who happens to be our neighbor in West Texas,” Arrington said. “I get to be an advocate for things that matter to West Texas and matter to our nation a great deal.”

Arrington praised cheaper energy incentives and said it has had a beneficial national impact.

“Cheap energy has allowed us to add several percentage points of GDP,” Arrington said. “However, the price of energy  has to get back to a reasonable number.”

Arrington admitted he isn’t an expert in oil and gas or the cotton industry and hopes to hear from the public on what’s best for West Texas.

“I’m open to listen and do whatever we can do for ag commodities,” Arrington said.

He talked about national security and commented that there are still things more important.

“What’s more important than national security? Values,” Arrington said. “A country with decaying moral values will kill a country. When a country erodes from within, that’s a concern and it’s hard to come back from that.”

He said the values of West Texas are the foundation of the U.S. and Arrington plans to take that with him to Washington D.C.

“Our values are the bedrock foundation of this country,” Arrington said. “We believe in families and supporting families. We believe in limited government, that’s what [Election Night] was all about. We got a chance to get our country back.”

Arrington commented on the national election and the new president-elect, Donald Trump. He said the American people showed they didn’t want eight more years of what they had seen.

“We are the sons and daughters of revolutionaries. We didn’t like central government or the tyranny of big government,” Arrington said. “That was crushing our economy. Our country has the greatest design for liberty. It wasn’t our government that made our country great, it was the people.”

He said he hopes with a Trump presidency, the American people and people of West Texas will see less government regulation and interference.

“If we can reign in the government and keep them at bay and focused on a few things, the people will be unleashed,” Arrington said. “We need to carefully and vigilantly transfer the power back to the people in the states and go back to a limited government.”

Arrington said he was most thankful for the opportunity to work with a Republican House, Senate and executive branch.

“Thank you Lord,” Arrington said. “I could have been playing a lot of defense, which is hard, especially here in Raiderland where we like to throw the ball a lot.”

Robin Satterwhite, president of SPC, asked Arrington what he believes the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency will look like. Arrington said he believes Trump will do what he said he will and return jobs to American people.

“I think he will get companies to come back and invest in America again,” Arrington said. “We want simplified rules to play by.”

Arrington also said the American people can expect to see border security reform.

“You won’t necessarily see comprehensive immigration reform but you will see comprehensive border security reform with immigration in it,” Arrington said. “All Americans want to feel safe and secure.”

Arrington also hopes Trump will stop the use of executive orders and go back to enforcing the law instead of creating it.

“His job isn’t to pick which law he likes, but to enforce the law,” Arrington said. 

Arrington encouraged everyone to continue to pray for him as he begins his journey in the federal government and asked for continuous input from voters in West Texas.

“I need your prayers first, and for you to come on this journey with us,” Arrington said. “Challenge me on decisions you don’t think are best for West Texas. Throw rocks at me, respectfully; but always pray for me to the best job for people here in West Texas.”

Above all, Arrington plans to carry the spirit of West Texas to the House with him in January. He believes everyone will be able to see who he represents.

“I’ll never forget where I come from,” Arrington said. “This is the heartbeat of America.”

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