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Anonymous tip leads police to make arrest

By Kati Walker
News Editor

South Plains College police and investigators with the Levelland police department have apprehended a subject in relation to several instances of BB gun shootings around town.
Nick Castillo, chief of SPC police, said he recognized the type of damage inflicted to be consistent with a carbon dioxide powered BB gun.
‘BBs leave a distinctive mark, leaving a cone effect on impact and small BB-sized holes,’ Castillo said. I suspected it was a carbon dioxide powered gun because of the amount of windows shot in a short period of time.’
The amount of damage at SPC is estimated to cost $5,000 a state jail felony according to Castillo.
On November 22, SPC announced it would be offering a $1,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest of a suspect or suspects.
Castillo said an anonymous informant came forward with information leading to the arrest of Erasmo Paul Gonzalez, 18, an SPC student who resides on the Levelland campus.
Levelland investigators questioned Gonzalez upon his arrest and discovered he was also responsible for several criminal mischief incidents, involving a BB gun, around town.
‘He ended up telling us he was the one who committed some of the criminal mischief around town and pointed out several he did,’ said Margo Ramirez, Levelland detective. ‘It may be a felony amount but it’s still under investigation.’

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