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State reports no hantavirus in Hockley County

By Kati Walker
News Editor

Chris Van Deusen, director of media relations for the Texas Department of State Health Services said Friday that there were no pending hantavirus tests and there had not been a confirmed case of hantavirus in Hockley County.

There was a report of a possible case of hantavirus over the weekend. However, Covenant Health Levelland said they could neither confirm nor deny the diagnosis or treatments of patients.

Van Deusen said when an initial report of hantavirus occurs, the health department recommends further confirmatory testing at the state level.

Three people were reportedly tested for the virus and none of the tests showed a positive result.

Hantavirus is a serious illness that is transmitted through contact with rodents.

However, Van Deusen said there is not a hantavirus case in Hockley County.

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