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Morton mayor resigns, Kim Silhan appointed

Staff Photo by Kati Walker

The City of Morton administered the oath of office to newly appointed Kim Silhan as the mayor after Ryan Davis resigned.
According to city officials, the former mayor, Davis, turned in a letter of resignation consisting of one sentence.
The letter was read at a special meeting of the Morton City Council, Monday, June 5. Cynthia Casarez, city council member, said the letter only addressed Davis’ resignation, but not the reason for it.
The city council then had to appoint a new mayor, one of the city council members. Buckie Dobson nominated Silhan for the position and Casarez seconded.
All the city council members voted in favor of naming Silhan the new mayor.
Rusty Trull was appointed to the city council position, replacing Silhan. He also recited his oath of office at the Monday city council meeting.
Despite the timing of the change up, Silhan said she is eager to get started and get the City of Morton on track.
Silhan had recently been elected to her fourth term as city council member, and was in her seventh year of service.
With the new appointment, she becomes the first female mayor of the City of Morton.
It also isn’t the first time Silhan has been involved in mayoral duties. Her husband, Eric Silhan, previously served as the Morton mayor.
Silhan pointed out that she will only serve out the rest of Davis’ elected term, which has only one year remaining.
“It’s a good opportunity,” Silhan said. “I’ve thought about running for mayor anyways, so it’s a good opportunity to know if that’s really what I want to do.”
Silhan said she has and still does enjoy serving the City of Morton because she has a heart for the community.
“I like working for the citizens,” Silhan said. “They’re the number one priority. I enjoy getting to serve them in that aspect and there’s a lot to be done.”
Silhan is not only mayor, but a local businesswoman as well. She owns a retail store across the street from the courthouse called Butterfly Kisses.
She started the store about four years ago, again under the encouragement of her husband, Eric. When the building came up for sale, the couple decided it was a good time to move forward with Silhan’s dream.
“I’ve always wanted to open a small business,” Silhan said.” I went to school for fashion merchandising.”
The store is a commodity for the City of Morton in more than one way, serving not only as a retail clothing and gift store, but also as a hair salon, fitness center and fresh floral service.

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