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City council approves more ordinances

The Levelland City Council  approved ordinances, accepted a change from powder-coated to painted doors at the new fire station, and appointed members to three commissions Monday evening.
As its last action item of the meeting, the council approved Ordinance 1018 revising the Housing Standards Ordinance regarding abatement, repair and demolition of substandard structures declared to be a public nuisance on second and final reading. The 20 page ordinance was read before three minor changes were approved prior to adoption of the ordinance. 
“Due to changes in legislation as well as recent court cases, there have been a number of provision in our Housing Standards Ordinance that have become outdated. For the past few months, our city attorney and inspections department have been working to update the ordinance to assure we are in compliance with current regulations and standards,” Osburn reported. 
After the meeting, he said the city will be using the new ordinance to crack down on substandard structure in the city. 
The council also approved Ordinance 1019 amending Article 9.600, Planning and Zoning Commission, by eliminating the prohibition from a member holding another public office or position in the city. 
The city manager told the council that the prohibition is not a state law requirement and the staff feels it is antiquated and not beneficial. The ordinance was approved on first reading.
The council also approved the appointment of members to the Planning and Zoning Commission, the Zoning Board of Adjustment and the Housing Standards Commission. 
“We are in the enviable position of having several people interested in serving on boards which deal with our planning, zoning and building issues,” Osburn reported. Based on his recommendation, Butch Wade, Farley Cook and Anthony Padilla were appointed to two year terms and Michael Stueart and Kayla Neuhaus were appointed to one year terms on the Planning and Zoning Commission. Butch Wade, Diane Lane and Anthony Padilla were appointed to two year terms and David Duffee and Crystal Lewis were appointed to one year terms and Tim Cook to a two-year term as an alternate, on the Zoning Board of Adjustment. Diane Lane, David Duffee and Kayla Neuhaus were appointed to two year terms and Crystal Lewis and Michael Stueart were appointed to one year terms on the Housing Standards Commission. 
Each of the board have five members and each need alternates. Citizens interested in serving as alternates are asked to contact City Hall or City Council members.
Assistant City Manager Erik Rejino presented the council with a schedule in regard to development and adoption of the 2017-2018 budget and tax rate adoption process. 
“Over the last couple of months, staff has been doing some preliminary work on the upcoming fiscal year budget in an effort to create a first draft,” he said, outlining the steps the city must follow over the next two months.
The city will be conducting budget work sessions as needed in June and July.
Property values will be certified by the Hockley County Appraisal District on July 25.
The council will propose a tax rate on August 7, a notice of public hearing on the tax rate will be published on August 9; a notice of public hearing on the budget will be published on August 13 and the first public hearing on the tax rate will be held August 21. The second public hearing on the tax rate and a public hearing on the budget will be held on August 28. The notice of tax revenue increase will be held September 3 and the council will adopt the budget and tax rate on September 11. 

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