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Murder suspect released on reduced bond

By Kati Walker
News Editor

A Hockley County murder suspect, Payden Allen, 18, was released on bond from the Hockley County Jail, Friday.

Allen is facing a charge of murder after his father, Brandon Allen, was found with a single gunshot wound to the head at his home in the 6800 block of Nevada Road last month.

Allen’s bond was initially set at $250,000. Friday, his bond was reduced to $100,000.

Brenda Nock, Justice of the Peace for Precinct 5, signed her approval for the bond reduction. There was not a hearing.

Nock said she took the motion under consideration as a request from the Hockley County District Attorney’s office. The request was approved by Chris Dennis, district attorney.

Nock said she received the results from Allen’s psych evaluation, spoke with Allen’s defense attorney, Jesse Mendez, and also spoke with Allen’s mother before signing the reduction approval.

Allen was released to his mother, Brandi Allen, as a condition of his bond.

“Based on the information I had received, I felt that it was okay to go ahead and reduce his bond and allow him to be released to his mother,” Nock said. “That was on the condition that his mother come and pick him up.”

Other conditions on the bond included that Allen must reside at his mother’s residence, which is located in Wallis, Texas, located an hour west of Houston. Wallis is 527 miles from Levelland.

National Bail Bonds was the company to post the bond for Allen. Hockley County Sheriff Ray Scifres said there are stipulations attached to the bond.

Nock confirmed those conditions, and said they are as follows: Allen must reside at his mother’s residence; is not allowed to drive or operate a motor vehicle, may not have access to any firearms, abide by a curfew between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m., unless he is with his mother; report to the Hockley County Adult Probation Office each week by phone and every month in person, commit no offense against the law of this state, avoid people, persons or places of disreputable or harmful character, maintain total abstinence from alcohol, marijuana, narcotics or dangerous drugs, cooperate and report to the supervision officer and pay all costs, must notify his supervision officer of any change of address, contact information, employment or marital status within 24 hours, and he must not travel outside his county unless he receives permission from the adult probation office. If he fails to comply with the conditions, he will be rearrested.

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