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Police urge caution following car burglaries

By Kati Moody
News Editor

Levelland police officers are advising residents to lock their cars at night as several car burglaries were reported this week.

“People just need to lock their cars,” said Captain Tammie McDonald.

She also said people should report any suspcious activity observed in their neighborhood.

“If you see someone walking at night in your neighborhood or doing anything suspicious, call it in,” McDonald advised. “Also, read the newspaper and if you see there have been car burglaries in your neighborhood and you have a surveillance system, let us know.”

Home surveillance systems have been extremely helpful to police in the past in solving car burglaries.

“That’s how we figured out the last case of car burglaries and we were able to file charges on those,” McDonald said.

The recent string of burglaries took place Tuesday night in the Kauffman Addition. 

Three of the burglaries were reported on Peggy Street, at 114 Peggy Street, 109 Peggy Street, and 103 Peggy Street. 

At 114 Peggy Street, the reporting party said the car was unlocked. However, at 109 Peggy Street it was reported the vehicle was locked, however the officer didn’t observe any signs of forced entry. A wallet, iPad and two cell phones were reported stolen, among other items. The iPad was recovered in the middle of Badger Street with screen damage. The items stolen were valued at more than $1,300. 

At 103 Peggy Street, a revolver reported missing, along with two boxes of ammunition and a concealment holster. The holster was located in the 100 block of E. Adams Street. The man also said his vehicle was left unlocked overnight. 

On Darrell Street, a man said someone had taken a Pelican cooler from the bed of his work truck, along with a knife sharpening kit and Bushnell binoculars. However, the knife sharpening kit was found in the roadway close to the man’s vehicle. 

At 130 Eagle Street, a man said he left his truck unlocked and reported his Ray Ban prescription sunglasses and a pair of Bushnell binoculars were taken. However, the binoculars were discovered in the 200 block of Darrell by the previous victim. The sunglasses were valued at $400. 

A man on Holly Street reported his vehicle had been broken into overnight and had been left unlocked. He said an iPod, iPod Nano and iPhone 5s were taken from the vehicle. The items were valued at $250.

There was also a car burglary reported on Willowwood overnight Tuesday. Jamie and Mark Anthony reported their son’s car alarm had woken them up at 3 a.m. and when they went outside, they discovered items were taken from Jamie’s vehicle. Jamie said she had left her vehicle unlocked. She said she noticed items inside her vehicle had been moved and gone through, and her wallet was missing.

McDonald said investigators gathered evidence from the burglaries and will be following up on leads.

She also said at this time of year, crime tends to increase in Levelland and again encouraged residents to keep their cars and homes locked at all times.

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