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Great 25 Nurses honors Janet Hargrove

Photo Courtesy of Donna Balko Photography

By Kati Walker
News Editor

Janet Hargrove’s holistic approach to nursing led her to be named one of the top 25 great nurses on the South Plains at its inaugural banquet Tuesday, October 3.

“It’s not just a warm body in a bed, it’s a person,” Hargrove said. “We look at everything and we want a holistic approach to nursing, we teach the mind, body and spirit, address all those needs.”

Hargrove said her faith plays a huge role in her calling to nursing.

“I think knowing where I came from, with that foundation of faith, helps make nursing an extension of my ministry,” Hargrove said.

She graduated from LVN school in 1989 and RN school in 1992. Hargrove recently earned her bachelor’s degree and is currently working on her master’s degree.

Hargrove went on to be the Director of Nursing at the hospital in Littlefield until the job she currently holds at South Plains College became available.

“I love to teach and never thought I would have the opportunity to teach with just an associate degree,” Hargrove said. 

She said the person who had her current job before her saw her one day in public and told her she was leaving the college.

“She told me I should apply, so I sent in an application,” Hargrove said. “I had already taken another job when they asked me to come in for an interview. It was definitely a God thing, that He put me here.”

Hargrove is in her seventh year of teaching nursing concepts at SPC and says she wouldn’t rather be doing anything else.

“I hope that when my students look at me they see a great nurse and a great teacher, and maybe there’s some qualities I have they strive to embody,” Hargrove said.

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