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Commissioners to consider new contract for EMS

The Hockley County Commissioners will consider and take action to approve a letter from Hockley County approving the pending transaction where Covenant Hospital Levelland will acquire substantially all of the assets used in the operation of the Levelland EMS Corporation.

Levelland EMS was previously owned by the late F.E. Shaheen who passed away earlier this year. The Shaheen family estate is now in control of the business.

Also on the Hockley County Commissioners agenda is to consider and take action to approve ambulance service contract between Hockley County and Methodist Hospital Levelland d/b/a Covenant Hospital Levelland.

Bruce White, CEO of Covenant Hospital Levelland said  it’s all like the chicken or egg. “We can’t move forward until we are assured we have a customer to serve,” White said.

He said the request for action by the county is in anticipation of a successful process in acquiring the assets of Levelland EMS.

“We are working on a lot of different steps that we have to go through in order for us to be licensed. One of those requirements is for us to have a municipality to serve. One of the things we will be asking for Monday is a contract for services.” Both the county and city will be asked for the same contract.

“We have to have a contract for services for us to be able to move forward with the asset purchase of Levelland EMS,” he said.  

White said the hospital does not have a time line for the acquisition. 

“A lot of it depends on how the county and city want to address the contract. I anticipate us being able to complete the process in the next month of so.”

He said the hospital currently is accepting applications for EMTs and support personnel.

After meeting with the county, the hospital will take the same contract to the city manager for council action at its next meeting.

Covenant Hospital in Lubbock operates Covenant Ambulance but that is primarily a transfer service, according to White. “It does not provide 9-1-1 services,” he said. If negotiations are successful, the local ambulance service will be operated by Covenant Hospital Levelland and will provide the same services currently being provided by Levelland EMS. 

Wednesday, Cochran County’s Frontier Ambulance Service held a public meeting to discuss the future of ambulance services in that county.

Currently, the ambulance service is contracted through Shaheen EMS Corporation to provide EMS services to Cochran County and all of its entities. Frontier receives money not only from the county, but from the cities of Morton and Whiteface and the county’s hospital. 

According to the contract between Shaheen EMS Corporation and Frontier Ambulance Services, the corporation would have to give the ambulance service 90 days notice if they were going to discontinue services reported John Henry Schmidt.  No such notice had not been received as of last week.

Schmidt, President of Frontier Ambulance Corporation, said that about 40 people attended last Wednesday’s informational meeting.  Among those attending were representatives from the Texas Department of Human Services and South Plains EMS who provided information.

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